How To Manage Your Resources

Posted by Ahmed Tarek Hasan on 11/07/2012 10:23:00 PM with No comments

How To Manage Your Resources

As you are going on with your career you stumble on many resources. These resources are very important and they are your assets. So, you should think about how to save and keep track of these resources in order to be able to reuse them when needed.

What resources?
  1. People you know (colleagues, team members, family, friends, neighbors, bloggers, .......)
  2. Internet resources (emails, websites, blogs, communities, forums, ......)
  3. Personal work (trials, proof of concepts, projects, .......)

How to save/track/organize them?
It depends on the type of the resource. Some ways may be somehow common and others may not. Always keep your mind open for new ideas and from time to time try to invest some of your precious time to think of new ideas about organizing your resources. Believe me, do it and you will feel the difference.

What to do with "People I know"?
  1. Keep a good and kind relationship with them
  2. Try to keep in touch
  3. Know each one's strength points
  4. Be sensitive and aware of the context (what to say and when, .........)
  5. Show some -but not too much offending- interest in their life events
  6. Offer help when "needed" not "directly asked"
  7. Say thanks when you can
  8. Invest some time in following their news on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, ......
  9. Integrate your outlook or email client with other services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, ......
  10. Know who knows/did what
  11. Use a smartphone, it really offers some good magic
  12. Always update your mobile contacts (think of synchronizing them with your Google account, if you don't have one, then for sure have one!!!)
  13. Synchronize your calendar with your contacts' birthdays and occasions
  14. Integrate your internet browser (please try to use one not a bunch) with an email notifier to keep you notified about any incoming mails
  15. It is not a good thing to give someone an email you don't intend to check. It is like allocating a junk box especially for him, then you should probably tell him to know how special he is to you. What a kind gesture of you!!!
  16. Try to find the best in everyone and try to do it better
  17. Don't repeat their mistakes. If someone treated you bad, don't do it with others
  18. Avoid prejudging when you can
  19. Try to find common aspects between you and each one of them
  20. Don't underestimate them
  21. Try to be a model for others to follow because they love to
  22. Be a human with all what the word means not just a being

What to do with my "Internet Resources"?
  1. Try to use only one internet browser to be easy to manage
  2. Bookmark your favorite pages
  3. Add meaningful tags to your bookmarks to be able to search among them later
  4. Synchronize your bookmarks online so that you will not be afraid of losing them and also you can access them anywhere
  5. Synchronize your accounts and subscriptions details (like passwords) online so that you can keep them safe and access them anywhere
  6. If you have any important technical content you wish to keep, try to send it to yourself into a  personal email and specify a folder on your email provider for these mails
  7. Use StumbleUpon service to provide you with random pages on your favorite categories. You can have more than one profile so that each profile has its own categories. It is a very good service and you will be shocked by what sites it gets you

What to do with my "Personal Work"?
  1. Find an online file hosting service to host your important files, documents, source code, ...... so that you can access them anywhere
  2. Find an online source control service to keep your important files, documents, source code, ...... so that you can access them anywhere

That's all what I have in mind right now but please try to put your own system to keep your resources safe and organized.